The mission of I AM ABLE is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, providing all families and individuals with life-changing clinical counseling, educational and wellness services, which instill a sense of purpose, confidence and hope.

I AM ABLE was founded and incorporated from a strengths-based perspective due to overwhelming challenges and disparities faced by African American and Latino families who are plagued by substance abuse, family 
violence, marital breakup, family dysfunction, adverse system issues, and child welfare involvement.

Values Statement

Mental Health is Everyone’s Wealth 

Our Mission is Simple

About Us
  • We Value all Human Beings: Every human has value and must be valued, which is demonstrated by ensuring they receive the best care and services available.

  • We Love all People…Ensuring that all who are touched by ABLE staff, programs and locations experience God’s love.

  • We Believe in Healthy Families...Every principle and value promoted is designed to produce health and wellness for the family, with an emphasis on children.

  • We Value Diversity...We appreciate the benefits of diversity by role modeling it in our multicultural/bilingual environment, hiring practices and the communities we serve.

  • We Value Integrity...It is required that each staff person, board member and volunteer demonstrate ethical conduct in every arena of our lives

  • We Value Stewardship...We are transparent in all of our actions as stewards of the resources entrusted to us by donors and funders, as well as the individuals and families we serve.

  • We Value individuals and families we serve.

  • We Value Dedication...We serve those who would otherwise fall through the gaps, due to the lack of quality, affordable mental health care & wellness services.

  • We Value Excellence…We exemplify the highest performance standards, service provision, and evidence-based best-practices, enabling us to exceed expectations.

  • We Value Respect…For those we serve, with whom we work and with whom we partner.

  • We Value Professionalism…It is offered with an attitude of gratitude to the families and communities we are entrusted to serve.